Monday, August 25, 2008

$5 Bows

It's like a burst of sunshine!! It will brighten anyone's day!

This is a cute little pink and green number, you can't go wrong there!

This is one of those really big gawdy bows! If your baby has an irregular shaped head, this bow will be perfect to help hide any imperfections!!

Here is just a nice simple little bow, no fuss.

Simple but with just a little fuss.

Another simple pink one with just one "piece of flare" added to it!

Just a little different from above.

Another short, sweet, and to the point bow.

This little bundle of joy is perfect for your little bundle of joy!!

This is back to the more simpler times.

Nice little yellow bow.

This is perfect for the flower child in all of us... for when you feel a little granola coming on!

Cute little green one.

This elegant little number is perfect for a night out on the town or could be dressed down for a play date. The purple ribbons and white button has such a classy look!

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